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Select your product’s 3D asset from your swatchbook library. This can be a single product or an entire outfit!

3d marketplace. 3D handbag with other digital assets including digital accessory digital apparel and apparel trim.

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Select one or more collections from your swatchbook library. These can come from your suppliers, from your design team or both. It can be based on a season or based on a category.

Each material is a real material coming in digital form directly from the supplier. A single source of truth. A true, digital process from zero to hero, starting at the source of the content to the supply chain.

Image of material assets with material accessories, color marketplace and graphic fabric enabling material design.

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Select your color palette(s) whether from color books or your library. These colors can be used for color blocking or recoloring materials. Yes even multi-coloured materials!

select colors in swatchbook mix
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Abra cadabra



swatchbook mix allows endless 3D material variations
assign materials and colors manually with swatchbook mix

Assign materials & colors


You can manually assign materials or colors to parts if you want to.

Set some


Set some rules for your product to follow. You can add multiple material groups, set contrast & ignore. It’s all optional. You don’t have to if you don’t want to.

swatchbook mix rules allow complete customization
swatchbook mix engine mixes and remixes for endless variations



Our engine will mix your ingredients: product, collections & rules. You can swipe right for the design direction you like - it’s a dating app for designers! Tap on the direction you want to explore or keep scrolling to generate more.

Color Variations?


For instant color branching tap on the color toggle and replace with the desired color from your palette. It is that simple! Yes, even multi-colored materials.

color variations allow you to recolor in swatchbook mix
Like what you see? Save a variant to keep it safe and continue your exploration. Mix in 3D or AR. Save, share, render. Get a vBOM. A virtual bill of materials for every variant. Yup, magic!
Ready, set, render!

Utilizing state of the art block-chain cloud based rendering that will provide 10 predefined 4K still renders in addition to a 2K turntable animation. All automated all high quality. This is in addition to the virtual bill of materials (vBOM) visible on swatchbook. (Render tokens required.)

swatchbook mix allows realistic product visualization

3d model courtesy of The Shoe Surgeon

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