the future of materials

a cloud platform revolutionizing the exploration, visualization & sharing of materials

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why should you care?

real materials

reducing the dependency on physical samples - nothing beats touch & feel. we are not suggesting that you give this up. but you are not just looking at something that looks pretty. you are looking at real materials with all of their physics, metadata, costing & whatever else you or your supplier add to it & since it is all digital, it reduces the dependency on physical samples dramatically.

brands & suppliers

finally a platform that is made with the creative folks in mind to bring both brands and suppliers together in a shared cloud environment & within the brand, swatchbook is an easy way to communicate between the design team, material person, & librarian. understand what the material person wants, what the material will look like on a piece of garment, all in a matter of minutes. & then share it all with the decision makers, with the click of a button, on any device.

time & money

instead of examining thousands of physical samples you can quickly narrow down your material selection online through sophisticated filtering methods and visual inspection online and in the design tool. the times of a supplier having to ship thousands of materials are over. only work with the physical samples that you have selected online.

real materials, from real suppliers, saving you real money

how is swatchbook unique?


we recognize that searching for materials isn’t always about finding an exact number but more about the journey of exploration, trying to find what’s best suited for your needs. we think of swatchbook as the place that allows you to dig in, come back out, go left, right, up, down, until you’ve found the right material.


seeing a thumbnail in a spreadsheet shouldn’t be how you visualize materials. for swatchbook, we’ve built this platform to make the user experience focused on the visualization of materials. touch & feel won’t go away on physical products, but your visual senses should certainly be engaged.


what better way to collaborate with your team than to share your collections with them. these can be organizational collections like seasonal material palettes or private material development collections for those times you’re collaborating with your favorite supplier. we think it’s all about sharing, all those feels, but mostly all the materials.,

a cloud platform revolutionizing the exploration, visualization & sharing of materials

a visual exploration into virtual materials, yours & ours

what does swatchbook offer?

pro features


these are the core of how to collaborate with your own process & team. collections are similar to playlists and albums except they store swatch data. it could be your spring 2020 collection which you need your team to see, or your fall line that as a supplier you want to share with your clients.

search & filter

search is crucial for finding your data. but at swatchbook we realize exploring a material library isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey & our search engine mirrors that testament. we include things like fuzzy search, filter tags, visual filters, collections from search results & custom filter presets.

display options

we believe different people use their brains differently, & apply that principal in how we present our data. we distinguish the experience based on the platform but also based on the user. we think each of us should be able to navigate our libraries uniquely.

1-click sample request

you like a material but don’t have the physical swatch on site? simply click the sample request to get in touch with the supplier and request either that specific swatch or its color range. we’ll take care of filling in the details, you just click. yes, it works on collections too!

one to one

our patent pending approach to visualizing your materials makes it possible to see the scale of your material on any mobile display with a one to one approach. it means you can trust that the patterns or graphics you’re seeing match the real world materials. it's truly magical!

live sync

a 1 way asset downloading tool that allows you to sync via collections. users can use scans, images & presets of those synced collections in their favorite application. when done simply unselect the collections & sync the collections from the new season. no zipped folders, no more files all over your desktop.

qr publishing & scanning

every swatch is issued a unique downloadable qr code. simply print this code & attach to your physical swatch. use the mobile app to scan for details or collection creation. it’s a great tool for cataloguing your ever growing library.

cloud based

yes the infamous cloud. because why lug around a bunch of heavy physical hard drives when you can access your data, at any time from anywhere with an internet connection. log in, start exploring, on any platform or device.

material standardization

the material file formats landscape is fragmented. so many different format & tools making it hard to know which format to buy into. we believe in an open material standard that keeps evolving & is focused on materials end to end, that’s why we have human readable open file formats supported by major brands.

speech input

we hooked into the native speech system of your mobile phone leveraging its speech recognition & extracting search tags and phrases from them directly. this is a huge opportunity to interact with swatchbook as your personal librarian instead of a search engine.

privacy & security

from 2 factor authentication to web ssl certificate, swatchbook provides the best tools to make your data secure. we also provide tools to control how you & your designers share collections. the same holds true for suppliers. it means you only share swatches with those whom you want to share them with.

supported formats

we know designers live in a multi tool environment. in fact, we think that’s awesome. it means they’re using the right tool for each unique job. swatchbook supports a host of formats like axf, clo, keyshot, modo, octane, optitex, substance, unity, unreal, vray, vred, vstitcher, xtex with more to come.

admin features = pro features +

swatch creation

this is about your library. authors can create swatches from scratch. you can upload scans, reference images, documents, sample product shots, simulation measurement data & supplier data. we take all that data & create the virtual swatch for you with thumbnails, presets & material definition files.

librarian admin panel

administrating a user base for materials isn’t an easy task. it needs to be super flexible but also simple to use. we’ve built our system to allow any material librarian to control user access, supplier data interaction, easy swatch creation, automation systems & configurable custom filters easily & quickly.


well at least that’s what we call it. an automation backend that does magical things like automatic creation of images, presets & thumbnails based on uploaded scans. you provide the ingredients, we provide the cake. well, the virtual cake.

rest api

we realize that brands want their material library to interact not just with their design team but also their tools like plm and visualization tools such as rendering engines. having a rest api provides an easy, programmable method to interact with the data to streamline the process for the organization.

plans & prices

  • mobile
    or US$20 /mo with annual commitment
    single user
    or US$100/mo with annual commitment
    single user
  • team
    per user
    or US$200/mo per user with annual commitment
    2-49 users
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    50+ users
  • supplier
    per user
    or US$200/mo per user with annual commitment
    1+ users
    mobile (add-on)
    per user
    or US$50/mo per user with annual commitment
    1+ users
mobileindividualteamenterprisesuppliermobile (add-on)
mobile license & app *
storage per organization200 MB1 GB10 GBunlimited **10 GBN/A
additional storage purchase-
user management---
sub organizations-----
collection sharing--
trend analysis (coming soon)-
swatch renders-optionaloptionaloptional-
sync app--
dedicated subdomain-----
dedicated url-----
services & support
material digitization-optionaloptional (50)-
material measurements-optionaloptionaloptional-
dedicated support channel-----

so what do you want to know?

swatchbook was founded to evolve materials to the next level. there is an opportunity to really make a difference in the world of materials and it’s not about 3d or 2d, it’s about engaging your visual senses in the exploration of materials. we’re constantly finding new ways to interact with materials that open up the possibility of that exploration in unique, user friendly ways. whether you’re in front of that computer screen working on your next design review turntable or lounging in the break room, tablet in hand talking to your design team about next season's material pallette, or you just have a few moments to browse your phone on your commute, swatchbook has your back.

swatchbook philosophy?

it’s simple. design products that make you smile.


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