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The New Home of Materials

A platform for sourcing and managing materials virtually
Materials rolls with  color design and color management of color material which helps design apparel from fashion clothes to fashion accessory to footwear design.

Fill the gap between physical samples & digital design, organize, visualize, edit, share, save time, money and the environment!

Unique User Experience

Streamlined experience from measurement, quality digitization, design, sourcing, to production. The platform is designed to provide flawless visual exploration into virtual materials. Anytime, anywhere, any device!

Digital marketplace. virtual sourcing of digitized materials, colors, graphics and 3D assets (3D apparel, 3D products, 3D footwear, 3D trim & 3D accessories)

Color Range

Create color ranges. Every material can have a color range associated with it. One click and all associated color branches are showcased. You can view them in all our display options with a simple swipe.

Apparel material in multiple design configurations enhancing apparel design. colored fashion augment aids with fashion design.
Apparel augmented reality visualization.  Showcasing material augmented reality and digital accessories. Featuring 3D clothing with 3D zipper & 3D button!!

Ready, set, AR!

Edit materials and add graphics in 3D!
and wait for it ... AR!
Cutting edge technology coupled with intuitive user experience help designers make informed decisions.

Capture to

Right then and there, give designers the tools to be inspired. From capturing inspiration to actually manufacturing it!

develop materials and material variants from photo capture to collaborate material manufacture.

Service center

More than a flatbed scan. Enhanced 3D scan of materials with measurements.

Material Digitization

We offer full material digitization services including scanning, processing, rendering, photo- and videography. You will be presented with the most complete and accurate digital representation of your physical samples in the industry, at a low price.

3D asset on a 3D platform on browser enabling 3D sourcing and 3d collaboration.

Asset Digitization

Take advantage of our expertise in asset digitization and 3D modelling, quality digitization is key for accurate visualization. Fine tuning and details ensure wholesome representation of your intended design.

Heart. support and client onboarding.

Client Onboarding

swatchbook provides an unparalleled training and onboarding experience. We are happy to engage with our customers. Hold their hand and help with every step of the way!

Are you a brand?

organize and manage assets like footwear collaborate development assets.


Manage your organization’s assets, organize, categorize, set permissions, communicate, collaborate and share.


Explore materials from suppliers around the world. digitally, without compromising on getting the info or quality of the materials.


A thumbnail in a spreadsheet shouldn’t be how you visualize materials. Instead, your visual senses will be engaged.

Are you a supplier?

Mood board. Not just a DAM, it is a design platform to source and design materials.


Manage, organize, categorize, showcase to customers across the globe, and share. Anytime, anywhere!

Sharing of assets, enabling designed footwear management, footwear augment as well as other sewn products.


Engage with customers. send them your latest collections, even if they’re not on swatchbook! It’s that simple!

3D fabric and 3D clothes in fabric store front.


Showcase your materials, digitally. Not only beautifully displayed but complete with meta-data, physical properties, 3D visualization, smart tagging system, images and video.