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Virtual Sourcing of Materials

Real materials with all their authenticity, look and feel … digitized

Fewer samples. Less waste. Less time. Faster to market!

Our marketplace is YOUR source of truth for digital materials, at the highest quality.
Powered by suppliers from around the world.
Cloud based digital material library, digital color library, 3d asset library and digital graphic library. provides digital management of assets as well as digital collaboration.

So how do we do it exactly?

Well, it starts with scanned textures curated through our service center. With tags. videos. Meta data. 3D. AR.
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Advanced material
Physics properties
2D digitization
3D digitization
Digital swatch

Then what?

We do our magic! We provide our users with accurate representation of the real world material, in all its authenticity. Along with the ability to manage, showcase, visualize and share it!
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Virtual materials of the highest quality. Less waste and less samples meaning less time for you and a faster route to the marketplace.

Looking for a material supplier?

Source materials from around the world digitally

Looking for the perfect textile?

Try concierge – Your Gateway to Seamless Textile Sourcing!
Our experts can help you navigate the vast world of textile.
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Are you a brand?


Explore materials from suppliers around the world. Digitally, without compromising on getting the info or quality of the materials.


A thumbnail in a spreadsheet shouldn’t be how you visualize materials. Instead, your visual senses will be engaged.

Source textiles for fashion. Collaborate with suppliers.


Find materials, communicate with suppliers, request samples, set special prices and organization level data about the materials all in one place.

Are you a supplier?

organize and manage assets like footwear collaborate development assets.


Manage, organize, categorize, showcase to customers across the globe, and share. Anytime, anywhere!

3D fabric and 3D clothes in fabric store front.


Showcase your materials, digitally. Not only beautifully displayed but complete with meta-data, physical properties, 3D visualization, smart tagging system, images and video.

Sharing of assets, enabling designed footwear management, footwear augment as well as other sewn products.


Engage with customers. Send them your latest collections, even if they’re not on swatchbook! It’s that simple!

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