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VIZOO becomes official swatchbook service center

April 13, 2021
VIZOO becomes official swatchbook service center - serving European brands, VIZOO Germany is now also offering full digitization services for swatchbook customers

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VIZOO becomes official swatchbook service center

Serving European brands, VIZOO Germany is now also offering full digitization services for swatchbook customers

Irvine, CA, and Munich, GER, April 13, 2021 -  swatchbook, inc and VIZOO GmbH today announced that it has further extended its partnership by VIZOO Germany becoming an official “swatchbook service center”.

VIZOO, the maker of the industry leading fabric scanner xTex and a longtime swatchbook partner will offer its expertise in material digitization to all swatchbook clients.

“With the increased demand for digitized fabrics it became a no-brainer for us to start offering our services to swatchbook customers on a larger scale”, said Martin Semsch, founder and CEO of VIZOO. “This will allow us to offer our expertise to clients who are just getting started with digitization, before they may be ready to acquire an xTex scanning solution for themselves. We want to be their go-to partner every step of the way”.

As the pandemic continues to have a tight grip on most of the world’s daily life and business, more and more fashion companies are looking at optimizing their processes and supply chain. Creating a raw material library is one of the highest priority tasks in the digitization journey of fashion brands. 

Since its founding in 2013 the company has always offered services, but it was never a part of the core business. With the increasing demand for digitized materials having a local source to help in the process was desired by many brands. The team at VIZOO sees this as a perfect opportunity to share their expertise with local clients, and in return be able to gain access to many more materials which will allow them to fine tune and improve their leading xTex scanning solution even further. 

“We have enjoyed a very close partnership with Martin and the team at Vizoo for a number of years. Having them join the swatchbook service center lineup is not just very exciting for us, but also for our customers,” said Yazan Malkosh, founder and CEO of swatchbook. “How much better can the service get when you have the maker of the leading fabric scanning hardware and software also do the digitization?”


To learn more about VIZOO ’s services, as well as their hardware and software offerings including direct swatchbook integration please visit

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Vizoo was founded in 2013 and is the number one supplier of soft-and hardware solutions for material digitization. Its main products, the xTex Scanner and xTex Software, are already utilized all over the world by fashion, interior and automotive companies. Furthermore, Vizoo provides a care-free material visualization service and custom-made software to automate your workflows.

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