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you asked, we listened
April 20, 2021
Updates on the way; versioning, multi-languange configurator, centric integration, browzwear, vstitcher, CLO, romansCAD, rhino, MODO, gerber, optitex and centric plugin.

You asked - we listened

Another update rolled out this past weekend. So fast, so quiet, you may not even have noticed.

We built swatchbook to revolutionize the exploration, visualization and sharing of materials. Yet this doesn’t mean that we are leaving traditional tools and workflows behind. 

This latest update is the result of close corporation with both brands and suppliers to make everyday life in the digital transformation journey even easier. 

So what’s new?

New features include the ability to create reports of the materials you are working with, grouping collections and much more. For suppliers, we include an extra nugget with all new analytics which allows for accurate tracking of all of their materials and collection. Read on to learn more.

The key features

Here are the main features we’ve included in this update:

Collection sets

You group all of your collections now in what we call “collection sets”. These sets behave just like collections, and can hold your own collections or collections from suppliers. They are not shareable just yet, but will be shortly.

All new list view

Sometimes seeing plain text and data is just what you need. This doesn’t replace the visual beauty of those materials, but rather gives you access to critical data for many materials in a single button push:

  • More essential information per material including custom data
  • Customizable view, saved between sessions.

This data will also be exported when a report is generated.

Material and collection reporting

This is where new digital workflows meet traditional workflows in meaningful ways. You can now generate report of your materials, collections and collection sets in your library in the form of Excel spreadsheets.

  • includes all the details from the list view
  • preserves dynamic link to material and supplier on the swatchbook platform
  • multiple collections result in separate sheets

Analytics for supplies 

A feature that has been requested for a long time by our suppliers is the ability to track performance of materials and collections. This new analytics feature collects all activity on desktop and mobile. It includes:

  • users with whom collection have been shared
  • swatch and collection statistics including who viewed the swatch
  • collection stats including who viewed collections
  • all stats can be exported to spreadsheet

All analytics are updated within a few hours of last activity.

… and there is more

Other improvements include:

  • Multi-select allowing you to select a range of materials and collections
  • Recognize “,” as separator/enter for search, tags, sharing and more
  • Bug fixes

How do I get it?

Just log into your account. swatchbook is always up to date. The beauty of SaaS!

Thank you

Thanks to all our customers for their contributions and input, and helping us to make swatchbook even better. We have many more exciting updates planned for this year. Stay tuned!

For questions and comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at