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Good things take time. Recoloring shouldn’t.

June 9, 2022
swatchbook recoloring

Good news, great news! The good news is that we’re giving you the ability to Recolor material swatches inside of swatchbook. The great news? It’s all directly connected to your suppliers!

Accelerating the development of material recoloring was our mission here at swatchbook for some months now.

We understand that not all hobbies can be taken everywhere, and that’s why we focused on giving color fanatics a tool they can appreciate from anywhere! 

Two features we’re betting on:

Multi Color Branching - Whether you’re buying or just exploring ideas, you can now customize materials using your own colors! Simply pick your pallet, then watch it melt into wonderful swatch renders, ready for you to visualize. Happy recoloring, happy development! 

Swatch Wizard
- A fantastic tool for our lovely suppliers! With the new swatch wizard,  you will be able to upload your scans and extract multiple colors from a single image directly. Note that you can unlock the various colors on your swatch, so your awesome customers can explore custom color variations with you. Happy processing!

Stoked? Then log into swatchbook right now and experience for yourself. For questions and comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at