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swatchbook opens subsidiary in India

January 5, 2023
swatchbook India


We are so delighted to announce the opening of swatchbook India!

India has a long and rich history of textile manufacturing, and it has traditionally been one of the country's largest industries. The textile industry in India is diverse and encompasses a wide range of products, including cotton, silk, wool, and synthetic fabrics. In addition to being a major producer of textiles, India is also a major exporter of textiles and garments, and the country's textile industry employs millions of workers. 

Not only will this expansion give us the opportunity to connect India’s textile industry with global fashion communities, but it will also allow us to fulfill the increasing demand of our global customers across the USA, UK, EU and the South-east asian markets.

The Indian subsidiary is located in the Garden City of India, Bangalore led by our talented Jo Dakkumalla, and is opening to cater to the needs of local fabric mills and brands, offering material digitization services, including support, both on-site and online.

At swatchbook, we are always focused on building strong relationships with each and every customer, and we will be ensuring the same high standards and values that have built our reputation worldwide are reflected in the quality of services offered through swatchbook India.

This new venture has been made possible by your immense support and continued interest in our business. We greatly appreciate your loyalty and trust in our technology products, and we look forward to serving you in India.


Thank you