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MLab, the Color and Materials Lab Affiliated with PENSOLE Academy, to Partner with swatchbook for Upcoming “Designing with Sole” Program

June 2, 2021
MLab, the Color and Materials Lab Affiliated with PENSOLE Academy, to Partner with swatchbook for Upcoming “Designing with Sole” Program

NEW YORK – June 2, 2021 – MLab, the color and materials lab affiliated with PENSOLE Academy, today announced it will kick off a new partnership with product development software company swatchbook for the upcoming master class, “Designing with Sole,” a hands-on, global intensive design program that creates opportunity for aspiring footwear and apparel designers and marketers who have been traditionally underrepresented in the industry. 

“The MLab prides itself on introducing aspiring designers to the limitless possibilities of color and material design,” MLab founder and principal Suzette Henry said. “Part of that equation is technology, and we couldn’t ask for a better partner in that regard than swatchbook.”

Henry said that she and swatchbook founder and CEO Yazan Malkosh have been talking about partnering for the past year and felt that the Designing with Sole program would be the best fit for students, since it includes all PENSOLE’s disciplines: footwear/functional apparel/CMF/marketing.

Sponsored by Foot Locker and New Balance, the program creates a path for the underrepresented voices in the industry, including outreach and support of the Black community and its supporters. For this upcoming program, a select number of students will work with swatchbook, a cutting-edge product development platform, to build a color and material library for New Balance during the class.

swatchbook provides a streamlined experience from measurement, quality digitization, design, sourcing, to production. The platform is designed to provide flawless visual exploration into virtual materials. Anytime, anywhere, on any device. Going forward, all PENSOLE/MLab classes will provide this opportunity for select CMF students.

Registration for the program opens May 10th and prospective student designers will apply and submit designs online at After submissions close on June 7, PENSOLE and New Balance will select the top 160 submissions among designers in footwear, color and materials, functional apparel and students in brand and product marketing. Finalists will be announced on June 21. 

The top 10 from this class will attend an in-person course at New Balance at the end of the class and North American participants will have the opportunity to receive a paid internship with Foot Locker and New Balance.

About MLab

Founded in 2012 by Suzette Henry, the MLab was created as a resource to support Pensole and provide an educational platform for fundamental and innovative materials to be introduced to our design community. Since then, MLAB has evolved into a springboard for global companies to introduce Color, Raw Materials, and Finishes through a creative lens. Transparency and Partnerships make MLab a successful landing space for creatives to learn and own their CMF voice. The MLab team introduces the basics of raw materials used in the product creation process while also crisscrossing the globe to connect with worldwide industries, mentoring through creative thinking and professional development. We are rewarded by working closely with global brands to place students and change lives. The MLab has written a global template for all things CMF.

About swatchbook, inc

swatchbook is a design & software company that develops applications that make you smile. Founded in 2017, the company focuses on the development of cloud, desktop & mobile software applications that help integrate the creative community within an organization into the product development process.

swatchbook is located in sunny Irvine, CA. Its founders share a deep passion for good design & workflow, as well as a deep understanding of the challenges in the digital product development process & the future needs of companies in many industries.


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