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What are Flashcards?

swatchbook flashcards are brought to you by your favorite suppliers and are the quickest way for you to get a preview of the amazing materials in digital form. Best of all they are live documents. So when your supplier makes any changes to the collection or individual materials it will update in the flashcard.

Download PDF

Want to see the collection offline? Click on the “download” icon the top right hand corner and download the shared collection in a PDF document. But keep in mind - as soon as you download the information may be outdated. :-)

If you want more

The flashcard gives you limited information on collection and materials - yet there is so much more to discover once you enter the world of swatchbook. That’s when you click the “Register” button.

Why register?

A registration gives you access to the swatchbook platform to discover more about the collection and materials you just accessed:

   • See the full collections
   • View all colorways for a material
   • Experience the materials and their colorways in full 3D and AR
   • See complete specifications for each material
   • Like, save, create collections for later
   • Contact supplier and request samples
   • Download all materials to experience in your own 3D application (up to discussion)

And once registered you can access any other material or collection shared through a flashcard by simply logging in.

But there is even more!

There is so much more to discover. To experience a what swatchbook can do for you and your enterprise for material sourcing, sharing and management, and how swatchbook can help digitize your supply chain contact